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Wallgate's robust products are built to last. That's why 25 years later you'll find your old hand wash dryer still tirelessly working away. However, over that time technological advances and changes in manufacturing mean some spare parts can no longer be sourced and as such we can no longer service your hand wash dryer. To ensure another 25 years of reliable service, we’re offering an upgrade service to the next generation Thrii.

Wallgate's next generation all-in-one Thrii hand wash dryer is the answer. Its compact design save you space, is up to 50% more water and 75% more energy efficient and gives you customisable options, making the Thrii hand wash dryer more practical, eco-friendly and economical. The Thrii is state-of-the-art technology ready to make any washroom more hygienic, hassle-free and intelligently controlled.

3-in-1 no touch system

The no touch system on the Thrii makes for a more hygienic and enjoyable customer experience. This intelligently controlled system has a completely automated and customisable set up, meaning it can be user-configured to a variety of sequence settings, making it suitable for multiple applications.


An infra-red sensor detects hands being placed in the bowl area of the Thrii and this triggers the start of the washing cycle by dispensing soap in either liquid or foam format.

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Water is heated instantly via an integral water heater and dispensed. The volume of water can be controlled by you as part of the programming operation.

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The dryer has three different speed settings and automatically stops operating if the user removes their hands. The entire washing and drying cycle can be completed in 30 seconds.

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Wallgate Thrii Big Savings

Save money

up to 90% per cycle *compared to standard sanitaryware solutions

Save water

up to 50% per cycle

Save energy

up to 75% per cycle

Return on investment

in just 12 months

Find Your Colour

The solid surface Thrii hand wash dryers are supplied in 6 different colour options with custom colours available on request, so you can order to suit your needs.

6 Colours
6 Colours
6 Colours

Wallgate Thrii Features


Foam Option

Dispenses up to
1,500 times per litre


Works for 25 years
or more

3 Varying Dryer
Speed Settings

3 varying dryer settings

2 Points of Service

Front or rear access
for easier maintenance

Ease of Installation

Supported by a network of engineers, our standard maintenance contract provides two scheduled visits each year. When on site, engineers ensure all aspects of each Wallgate product is examined for efficiency, function and safety.

For a maintenance contract that is tailored to suit your individual needs, get in touch via the form below today.

An excellent hassle-free service with excellent engineers on site

Rick Warren
Architectural Technician
Teignbridge District Council

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